PRINCE2 overview

PRINCE2 Training Organization Logo PEOPLECERTPRINCE2 is the world's most popular project management framework.

PPRINCE2 is a structured project management method based upon modern best practices. The most recent version, published in 2009, is based upon the hugely varied project experience of thousands of project managers, sponsors and stakeholders.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 started life originally as something called PROMPT, which was developed in the 1970's by Simpact Systems in the UK. In 1979, PROMPT was adopted by the UK government as the project management method of choice for I.T. projects.

PRINCE was developed ten years later, and was based upon PROMPT. It remained an I.T. project management method until 1996 when PRINCE2 was developed. PRINCE2 was a generic method i.e. it could be used on any type of project.

Since 1996, the PRINCE2 manual has been updated several times to reflect up-to-date thinking in project management. The most recent update came in 2009.

3 reasons why you should study PRINCE2

To improve your project management skills

Learning about PRINCE2 and gaining an understanding of how it can be used effectively will make you more successful in your project role. Since PRINCE2 is based upon project management best practices, you will benefit from the experience of many hugely experienced project managers and sponsors. You will also learn a common vocabulary which can be used across different projects and organizations.

One of the most important aspects of PRINCE2 is the ability to continuously improve project management practices. Over time, using PRINCE2 will ensure you make fewer mistakes and also improve your own capabilities. This will ultimately boost your own career and help your employer at the same time.

To boost your employment chances

PRINCE2 certification is increasingly required by many companies throughout the world, and it is not just project manager job roles that require PRINCE2. Many management roles in business areas affected by projects need to know and understand the language of projects, even though they themselves are not managing those projects. That's one of the reasons why PRINCE2 has become so popular in recent years.

By gaining PRINCE2 certification you are showing potential employers that you have knowledge of the world's most popular project management method.

To boost your confidence at work

PRINCE2 will help you understand the kind of decisions which need to be made, who needs to make them, and when. It will also help you understand why these decisions are important on your projects. All of these things will boost your own abilities and confidence to perform a project management team role.

Who uses PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is used extensively throughout the world be many different public, private and charitable organizations. These organizations have chosen PRINCE2 as their project management method of choice to help them exercise better control over their projects.

Benefits of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 enables an organization to put controls in place which enable effective decision-making on projects. These controls, such as reports, can be applied at each level within the project management team.

PRINCE2 also defines a number of key roles and corresponding responsibilities as part of a project management team. These responsibilities determine the kind of decisions to be made, when, and by whom. This enables decisions - for example about expenditure or allocation of resources - to be made by the right people in a timely manner.

PRINCE2 therefore benefits organizations because it enables greater control over risks and resources, and maximizes the chances of delivering projects successfully.

Furthermore, for an organization which has adopted PRINCE2 as its project management method of choice, it provides the following benefits:

  • a common approach across all projects
  • a common vocabulary to be used by stakeholders across those projects
  • a clearly defined structure of delegation, authority and responsibility so everyone knows each other's roles
  • clearly defined decision points - at the start, middle and end of projects
  • it can be used on any type or scale of project
  • it can be used alongside specialist industry approaches - e.g. SCRUM, agile development
  • it focuses on products i.e. what will the project deliver, why, when, by whom and for whom
  • it recommends the use of different levels of plan to meet the needs of the different project stakeholders
  • it encourages the efficient use of senior managers' time via the principle of 'management by exception'
  • it encourages project sponsors to focus on the project benefits to ensure the project gives value for money
  • it has a mechanism to help continuously improve project management practices

PRINCE2 also benefits individuals who are looking to improve their project management skills and employability, project and programme managers and sponsors who take key decisions about projects. For these individuals, having a PRINCE2 qualification can help them apply PRINCE2 more effectively, whilst at the same time, boost their employment chances.