PRINCE2 process model timeline
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The 7 PRINCE2 processes occur in a logical sequence. This diagram shows the processes in time sequence – time runs from left to right on the diagram.

The vertical thin black lines represent the start and end of a PRINCe2 management stage. On the left, the 3 curly braces named “Directing”, “Managing” and “Delivering” represent the 3 levels of the PRINCE2 project management team namely, the Project Board, the Project Manager, and the Team Manager levels.

The curly braces indicate which processes are performed by each level of the project management team. Starting at the top of the diagram, you can see that part of the Starting Up a Project process and all of the Directing a Project process is performed by the “Directing” level i.e. the Project Board.

At the bottom of the diagram you can see the braces labelled “Delivering” and to the right of the label you can see the process labelled Managing Product Delivery. This is performed by the “Delivering” level of the project management team i.e. the Team Manager.

PRINCE2 process model - activity view

In the centre of the diagram on the left, you can see the “Managing” curly brace. This refers to the Project Manager. To the right of the braces you can see that part of the Starting Up a Project process is performed by the Project Manager as well as all of the Initiating a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing a Stage Boundary and Closing a Project processes.

The lines and process in orange indicates what happens in an exception situation. The grey ellipse shapes represent PRINCE2 triggers (events of decisions which trigger a process). The arrow attached to the trigger shows which process is triggered.

The diagram also shows 2 time-driven controls – Highlight Reports and Checkpoint Reports. These are shown at regular intervals on the diagram and are also shown in the key at the bottom of the diagram.

This diagram should be viewed in conjunction with the more detailed view of the PRINCE2 process model which can be found here.